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HaulPac Reduces Dust Emissions

16 April 2024

Dust? What Dust? HaulPac reduces dust emissions on unsealed roads and we can even show you how good it is with AI monitoring!

HaulPac's impact is well known by our Australian teams and offers key benefits to unsealed roads, such as:
🌪 Decreased dust levels.
💰 Lower maintenance costs.
🌧 Rainfall resilience

We are pleased to announce that HaulPac is now available in New Zealand. You can see the results in this video, alongside our monitoring which shows the dust in pink.

The question is, why fight dust so hard? Aside from making us wash our cars and houses more, dust has been linked to some serious health risks.
Thankfully HaulPac can help keep those dangerous particles grounded.

Then how do we measure success? Road Science has been working on some cool tech and we now have precise, data-backed evidence of HaulPac’s effectiveness.

Dust monitoring services are now available through our Mobile Data Collection business. Offering you firsthand insights into how HaulPac can optimise dust management and improve road conditions.

For more information on our Dust Monitoring services and to discover how our HaulPac treatments can make a difference for you, contact Nik Vishwanath directly.

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