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Advancing mapping analysis

21 August 2023

Kylie Thom and Graham Watson from our Pegasus team have been busy advancing defect mapping analysis using the mobile LiDAR data. This analysis is geared towards identifying and extracting instances of road distress, which includes wear and damage, in alignment with the "ASTM 6433" standard. As a result of their work, the team can generate several types of reports that has significance for road maintenance and management.

The team can now generate the following reports:

"Pavement Condition Index" (PCI) report in Excel format. This report offers a consolidated and numerical representation of the road's condition. It's a valuable tool for evaluating and comparing the conditions of different road segments, which can aid in prioritising maintenance actions.

"Distress Information" report, also in Excel format. This report provides details about the various distresses detected during the analysis. It includes specifics such as the location, type, severity, and extent of each distress. This level of detailed information can guide maintenance strategies and help efficiently allocate resources for repairs.

"Paver Asphalt Roads" report in XML format which can be uploaded into the PAVER pavement management system software.

If you want to find out more, give Nik Vishwanath or Graham Watson a call.


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