Road Science is excited to inform our customers that we can now offer high-speed surveying in motion using a Leica Pegasus Two Ultimate (P2U) Mobile Laser Scanner. The service is now available through Road Science and this is the only unit of its kind within New Zealand.

Benefits of the The Pegasus include:

  • Market-leading survey technology - this equipment is a quantum leap in innovation
  • A step change in safety - surveying with the Pegasus is undertaken without putting people in live traffic lanes
  • Faster and more accurate results – it allows self-delivery of results quicker than traditional survey techniques

The Pegasus utilises point cloud and photogrammetric solutions to provide innovative ‘all you can see’ high resolution datasets, this equipment transforms the capturing and monitoring for projects and contracts.

A laser scanning sensor, multiple cameras and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) combine to deliver survey datasets. In the P2U’s case, the point cloud is captured by a Z&F profiler collecting 1,000,000 points across 200 line scans per second to sub-centimetre accuracy. Photogrammetric data is stitched together from six cameras taking photos every 0.5m – 10m. There are two additional external cameras used for pavement analysis assessments such as flushing, cracking, roughness and rut detection. Cameras capture 360° so they can analyse structures and other real-world features.

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