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FWD on the Chatham Islands

FWD on the Chatham Islands

25 November 2021

Recently Mohammed Faizan and Road Science's FWD machine got to spend time on the Chatham Islands. This was to complete some testing for the Chatham Island runway extension project.

Over one day each FWD test point was subjected to 12 tests with the impact loads ranging from 40kN to 110kN to simulate aircraft wheel loads.

The raw data was sent to Dr Greg Arnold to determine pavement layer modulus values for different loads to be used to optimise the pavement design of the new runway.
Road Science's team has the only IANZ accreditation to test method (AG/AM:T006) in New Zealand. The team can deliver FWD data in raw f25 data files, back calculated moduli or incorporated into full pavement designs using in-house expertise.

Get in touch with Jasen Schaaf or Nik Vishwanath for more information.

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Hawkeye 1000

Hawkeye 1000

15 November 2021

Shaun Kingsbury was in Queenstown with the Hawkeye 1000 last week doing a network wide texture and geometry survey of the Queenstown Lakes District Council's reseal program. This data is seamlessly integrated with Downer's proprietary seal design algorithm which ensures the correct seal is designed using a data driven approach. 
Road Science's Hawkeye survey vehicles measure texture and geometry, they can also measure roughness (NAASRA). It has high resolution video cameras that accurately log digital images of roadside assets, minimising the need for physical site visits.
To learn more about the Hawkeye and how you could use it on your project or contract call Nik Vishwanath or Shaun Kingsbury.

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Project highlight - Bluff to construct a new Bitumen wharf pipeline to a refurbished wharf

Project highlight - Bluff to construct a new Bitumen wharf pipeline to a refurbished wharf

26 October 2021

Project highlight

Today we would like to highlight a project happening in Bluff to construct a new Bitumen wharf pipeline to a refurbished wharf.

Road Science’s terminal in Bluff has significant geographical importance supplying the lower half of the South Island with bituminous products.

The current wharf at Bluff where Bitumen ships berth has come to the end of its life, it’s made of wood and is well over 100 years old. 

Work has started with the construction of a concrete culvert along the roadway towards the new bitumen pipeline and the new pipeline installation will be completed by July 2022. 

We are proud of this significant investment which secures the future of manufacturing in the lower South Island, this project ensures we can continue to manufacture and supply our top quality products to our customers.

We look forward to keeping you update with progress over the coming months!

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Road Science products are manufactured and supplied from state of the art facilities throughout New Zealand. Customers can have confidence in continuity of supply and on-time deliveries with Road Science’s world-class manufacturing plants and storage facilities for bitumen emulsions and polymer modified binders from Mount Maunganui to Bluff.

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