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Project highlight - Bluff to construct a new Bitumen wharf pipeline to a refurbished wharf

Project highlight - Bluff to construct a new Bitumen wharf pipeline to a refurbished wharf

26 October 2021

Project highlight

Today we would like to highlight a project happening in Bluff to construct a new Bitumen wharf pipeline to a refurbished wharf.

Road Science’s terminal in Bluff has significant geographical importance supplying the lower half of the South Island with bituminous products.

The current wharf at Bluff where Bitumen ships berth has come to the end of its life, it’s made of wood and is well over 100 years old. 

Work has started with the construction of a concrete culvert along the roadway towards the new bitumen pipeline and the new pipeline installation will be completed by July 2022. 

We are proud of this significant investment which secures the future of manufacturing in the lower South Island, this project ensures we can continue to manufacture and supply our top quality products to our customers.

We look forward to keeping you update with progress over the coming months!

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Emulsion Stabilisation

Emulsion Stabilisation

20 October 2021

Check out our recent work with Taranaki NOC using emulsion stabilisation on their maintenance patches.

The team loved working with it and found it eliminated common problems with cement stabilisation where patches blow out prior to sealing.

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Dune planting

Dune planting

8 October 2021

Last Friday morning was spent with Chris and his team from Coast Care, every year our Mount Maunganui Laboratory team dedicate time to volunteering in the community.

Stefan Senf always leads the charge with one of his passions ‘the dunes’ which are the backbone of our beaches, the buffer between the land and the sea. 

Many native plants were replanted, and the team even learnt about the biodiversity the dunes offer.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved check out Coast Care’s website

#givingbacktothecommunity #Downer

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Road Science products are manufactured and supplied from state of the art facilities throughout New Zealand. Customers can have confidence in continuity of supply and on-time deliveries with Road Science’s world-class manufacturing plants and storage facilities for bitumen emulsions and polymer modified binders from Mount Maunganui to Bluff.

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