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Celebrity Visitor - The Leica Pegasus: Two

Celebrity Visitor - The Leica Pegasus: Two

2 July 2020

There was a celebrity visitor at the Global Survey Auckland office last week when James popped in with the Leica Pegasus: Two (Ultimate) Mobile Mapper! This high-speed Profiler delivers 1,000,000 points across 200 line scans per second, combined with the imagery stitched together by the IMU & GPS.

The Pegasus: Two is used for road, rail or water surveying and captures calibrated imagery and point cloud in one pass. The Cameras rotate 360° so they can also analyse structures and it has an additional two external cameras used for pavement analysis – crack, roughness and rut detection.

We operate this cutting-edge technology as we are committed to delivering superior road and pavement solutions for longer lasting roads across New Zealand.

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Enviro Shield in action

Enviro Shield in action

16 June 2020

Nik Vishwanath was in Auckland today seeing Enviro Shield in action.

Enviro Shield is used on residential roads as an alternative to chip seal. It provides a protective coating for existing asphalt enriching the surface and prolonging its life while maintaining a smooth surface you would expect of asphalt.

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New emulsion plant for Taranaki

New emulsion plant for Taranaki

9 June 2020

Road Science has opened a new bitumen emulsion plant in Taranaki demonstrating a commitment to safety, sustainability and quality. It’s the fourth emulsion plant for Road Science and it continues an ongoing responsibility to bring world-leading roading technology and products across New Zealand.

This investment establishes a robust product supply chain specifically to deliver new products and services into the lower south of the North Island, giving Road Science more research and development capability to conduct full scale production trial of new innovative products. The plant is the latest investment and is a specialised emulsion plant that Road Science has acquired from ENH Engineering from Denmark ENH is an emulsion plant manufacturer having built over 200 units throughout the world.

The plant has several innovative features developed with Road Science which makes this plant unique with special additional capabilities.

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Road Science products are manufactured and supplied from state of the art facilities throughout New Zealand. Customers can have confidence in continuity of supply and on-time deliveries with Road Science’s world-class manufacturing plants and storage facilities for bitumen emulsions and polymer modified binders from Mount Maunganui to Bluff.

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