Road Science has three high speed data surveying vehicles - the first generation Hawkeye 1000, and two new generation Hawkeye 1000’s.

These vehicles are operated by Road Science’s highly skilled technicians who survey roads throughout New Zealand.

The Hawkeye survey vehicles use the latest in laser profiler technology to accurately and continuously record road and pavement information. This data is then related back to GPS or distance based instruments. Our laser profilers are Class 1 instruments (the most accurate type) and are able to measure texture in accordance with AG:AM/T013 and roughness in accordance with AG:AM/T001.

At Road Science we frequently deliver pre and post construction compliance testing and are able to output roughness in both NAASRA units and International Roughness Index (IRI).

New to the Hawkeye 1000 is a GipsiTrac geometry module. The road geometry is recorded, in particular horizontal and vertical curvature, camber and superelevation. Geometric road designers can now have access to geometric and stress data in order to back up high-value treatment selections.

Compliance to international standards:

• ASTM E950: Longitudinal profile

• AASHTO PP37: Pavement roughness

• ASTM E1845: Pavement macrotexture

• ISO 13473: Mean Profile Depth (MPD)

The Hawkeye processing toolkit software ensures that the survey database can be reviewed, edited and processed quickly and efficiently. The data from each module can be compared against other results and exported to pavement and asset management systems. The Hawkeye data viewer is an office-based programme that enables detailed assessment of sites to be completed by providing zoom and measurement tools for reviewing processed surveys.

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