Anti-flush Seal is a highly modified bitumen emulsion designed to stop the flushing caused by water vapour venting through chip seal layers. It aims to cap off this venting and therefore prevent the movement of bitumen to the surface, which stops flushing. Anti-flush Seal is a high binder content emulsion providing an extremely tough, waterproof layer which does not allow bitumen to migrate to the surface of the seal.

Where to use Anti-Flush Seal

Anti-Flush seal is a binder for chipsealing application, specifically designed for sites characterized by:

• Low texture

• Stress factor 1 to 6

• High seal layers 4+

• Historic of standard seal failure due to flushing within 2 years

Product Details


  • Reduced emissions

Life Span

  • Excellent

Targeted Environment

  • Residential
  • Rural

Problems it resolves

  • Cracking
  • Waterproofing
  • Chip loss

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