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Zeus is an online forecasting tool that provides roading workers clear advice on when and where they are able to spray Road Science products. Once logged in the user is taken to a simple interface showing whether or not it is safe to seal on a particular day. Factors taken into account include product type, humidity, temperature and rain forecasts.

Zeus interpets weather data, so you don't have too...

Emulsion is safer, produces less emissions and is now technically superior to hot cut back bitumen for chip seals.

Recent advances in technology mean that emulsions are now capable of being used in all chip seal types in New Zealand. The major advantages of emulsion are;

  • Safety, hazards are eliminated, explosions, fires and serious burns.
  • Environmental, emissions are significantly reduced (almost 50% less)
  • Application rates may be able to be reduced
  • Improved adhesion means reduced chip loss and therefore reduced rework

Emulsification is the process of combining two liquids that cannot be mixed. It is, in essence, the same process by which many foods, including tomato sauce, remain suspended and pourable without the elements separating or settling.

We have a desire to eliminate wash-off...

Emulsion is a water based system and should not be sprayed in the rain.

While emulsion seals applied in rain usually do not lose chip they can create an unsightly wash off which should be avoided. Road Science has improved the cure time of emulsion to lessen the risk of wash off and have a product performance forecast tool to assist teams assess the risk of wash off. It should be noted that while hot cut backs have been sprayed in rain, chip will not adhere in wet conditions and stripping is a significant risk.

Zeus gives the user clear advice on when and where they are able to spray bitumen emulsion to prevent the risk of wash-off from a rain event.

How do you use Zeus?

Users can use Zeus on their PCs, smartphones (via an andriod or iphone app) and tablets.

Data Deletion policy

At Road Science, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers. Our Data Deletion policy is designed to protect your information while providing you with the control you need over your personal data. For more information or requests relating data management, go to the below link.

Data Deletion Policy

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