Chevron Markings on the Roadside

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Chevron Markings on the Roadside

05 June 2024

Ever Wondered About Those Chevron Markings on the Roadside? 🤔

‍A chevron marking is ‘V’ shaped which points in a specific direction.

Usually, you’ll see these markings as a sign at the bend of the road or a double chevron road mark called sharrows used to indicate a shared lane for bikes and vehicles. 🚧

Pictured below shows a chevron used for a different reason.

They act as ground control points for mobile mapping, providing essential reference points to ensure the accuracy and alignment of 3D point clouds used in road design and infrastructure projects.

Precise data = better planning and construction. 🚧🤳

Want to learn how mobile mapping with high-accuracy point clouds can benefit your next project?

Let's chat! Our Expert Surveyors Kylie Thom and Graham Watson are here to help. 💪

P.S. We know what you're thinking – you'll probably start seeing these chevrons everywhere now! > 😂

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