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Emulsion Recovery Unit

12 September 2018

The Road Science emulsion recovery unit is a more sustainable alternative than sending waste bitumen emulsion to the landfill.

It's an exciting initiative led by the Road Science team and the unit is now in full operation cranking through waste material. The operation consists of two parts; getting unusable emulsion product out of the Intermediate bulk container (IBC), then getting the product into the tank for the actual recovery process. Total volume of recovered bitumen since the operation has come into action is 46 tonne of usable bitumen from 76 tonne of unusable emulsion product. To put that into perspective 76 tonne of unusable product is around the same size as four 20ft shipping containers! The team is excited and really proud to be a part of a company that is always concerned about our footprint and how best we operate to improve the environmental outcomes.

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