Weather Barrier revolutionising road construction

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Weather Barrier revolutionising road construction

06 May 2024

🌦 🛣 'Weather, road construction and maintenance' - a feared word combination in our industry, and for good reason. In New Zealand's North Island, it rains at least 130 days each year and this weather too often jeopardises crucial sealing processes and delays progress.

📑 That's why we're excited to launch a series of short stories on our game-changing product Weather Barrier. This innovation accelerates the curing process of bitumen emulsions, enabling successful sealing even under unfavourable conditions.

Take a moment today to read part one of the series and start your journey learning about Weather Barrier. You won't have to wait long for more information. Check back in weekly to see real stories about Weather Barrier, it's application and its benefits.

👷‍♀️ With modern weather seeing increased rain, temperatures, and humidity, we all know how derailing it can be to our teams. Weather Barrier is here to help our industry maintain its productivity.

Downer Transport & Infrastructure
Darcy Rogers

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